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Hello Aplus Pacific respected customers, suppliers and partners.

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners.
We are now in the midst of updating our websystem. Check us out frequently to get the latest update on our PROMOTION, TRAINING and NEWS.

Thank you.
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Our Business

Dear Visitor, 

Many apology for the confusion we have created with our old website, which we haven't been able to update since 2008.

For your information, we are now working on a new and updated websystem to serve you better. *NOTE: please note that most of the information contained in this site is obsolete. Please call us for verification. 

Thank you.  ~ Administrator 2013 Dec 25th

• Manufacture of Gypsum Board
• Manufacture of Gypsum related materials such as  compound,  partitioned frame,  accessories and others.
• Manufacture of  metal materials such as roof sheets,  light gauge roof truss,  hollow tube frame (colour-coated and galvanised).
• Manufacture of finishing materials such as mortar, skim coat, plaster, tile adhesive and others.

•Pabrikasi papan gypsum
•Pabrikasi material pendukung gypsum al: kompon, rangka dan asessoris lainnya.
•Pabrikasi bahan metal al: atap spandek, rangka atap baja ringan, rangka hollow (meni dan galvanis).
•Pabrikasi bahan material finishing al: mortar, skim coat, Plaster, tile adhesive dll.

APlus all purpose Jointing Compound : New Packaging  
News related to our products and service
Jointing Compound (New Packaging)  
Joint compound

Specially formulated for quality finishing of drywall joints. A ready-mixed/non-Asbestos vinyl compound used for embedding Joint Fiber Tape, for filling and as a final touch-up coat in interior gypsum panel applications.

It is ideal material for covering embedded fasteners, corner beads, and for skim coating gypsum panel surfaces where necessary.

28kg/per Drum, 20kg/per Drum or 5kg/per Drum


Joint compound

Khusus diformulasikan untuk hasil finishing sambungan drywall. Diaplikasikan untuk mengisi sambungan dan finishing akhir dalam aplikasi panel interior gypsum.

Ini adalah bahan yang ideal untuk menutup/meng-cover dengan cepat sudut-sudutan panel gypsum (corner beads), dan untuk pelapis panel gypsum pada lapisan permukaan yang diperlukan.

28kg/Drum, 20kg/Drum, atau 5kg/Drum.

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General Information
icelles Logo  Since year 2001, we have engaged the service from Celles Resources in our company IT requirements.

iWebsys is our latest project championed by Cae Hiew of Celles Resources with the consent of our company President Director.

This system gives us flexibility in our content and enhance our business processes. We highly recommend this websystem for company of all sizes.

We are proud to be the user of iWebSys of iCelles.com ....

Please bear with us, our progress to update the content of iWebSys may take longer than expected. Do visit us frequently for latest updates on our website. Your understanding is much appreciated.

*Note: iWebsys are used by users in Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Korea.

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Our Picture Gallery  
General Information
 Click "Read more..." below to access and view our Picture Gallery. For your information, all the images are took naturally without special arrangement. Thanks to our hardworking employees. Picture Frame

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· APlus all purpose Jointing Compound : New Packaging [5932reads]
· iWebSys by iCelles.com [4153reads]
· Our Picture Gallery [4889reads]

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